Representations and Knowledge transfer in the light of digital innovation.
7-8 Nov 2019 Montpellier (France)

Theoretical framing

Digital Humanities projects make it possible to overcome the disciplinary compartmentalization of research and learning actors. Innovative capacity is becoming a key factor in the evolution of the humanities and social sciences. The theoretical and methodological contributions resulting from the combination of research in linguistics, knowledge management, natural language processing, cognitive sciences, deep learning, data mining (to name but a few) and their direct applications in society testify to the extreme strength of this field. Digital technology is not only a set of techniques that enable organizations to work more efficiently and develop new channels for interacting with users: it is now the main lever for transforming learning organizations. Digital technology is transforming our representations, particularly in the context of intermediary actions between teachers and learners. Co-innovation, co-creation, standards, platforms allow research projects to become "ecosystems" in the sense of networks of dependencies and exchanges. Within them, actors from different disciplines collaborate in configurations that are constantly evolving in their methodological protocols.


Important dates / Timetable

Abstract submission deadline: June 15, 2019
Notice of acceptance: July 15, 2019
Final versions of articles: August 31, 2019
Colloquium: 7 and 8 November 2019.

Scientific Council

Alidières-Dumonceaud Lucie, Auger Nathalie, Brudermann Cédric, Charnet Chantal, Ciekanski Maud, Develotte Christine, Dodane Christelle, Fort Karën, Frontini Francesca, Hirsch Fabrice, Jackiewicz Agata, Jacquot Clémence, Jézégou Annie, LeDeuff Olivier, Luschka Félix, Metz Mailles Viard Stéphanie, Mangenot François, Nowakowska Aleksandra, Pelissier Chrysta, Perea François, Richard Arnaud, Sauvage Jérémi, Siouffi Gilles, Steuckardt Agnès, Trémion Virginie, Verdier Maud, Verine Bertrand

organizing committee

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